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We recycle most electronics
FREE OF CHARGE! Only TVs and CRT monitors require a small processing fee.

Bring computers, laptops, TVs, monitors, or anything else with a power cord in any condition to:

1526 E Washington St
Phoenix, Arizona

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Cities Served

Apache Junction
Paradise Valley

Phoenix Corporate E-Waste Program
Serving the City of Phoenix

Free Computer Recycling and E-Waste Disposal

Electronic Circuits

Our Purpose

We are a locally owned and operated electronics recycling company that serves and supports other local businesses and the Phoenix community.

Help us keep toxics out of our environment and drinking water while supporting the Phoenix economy.

Our Pledge

No hazardous or toxic electronic waste material collected by Phoenix Electronics Recycling will be land-filled, incinerated, or shipped abroad to be dumped. We provide ethical, safe, and responsible e-waste recycling services. Please contact us with questions or concerns regarding proper e-waste disposal.

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We Support Biodiesel

Biodiesel fuel Our e-waste collection trucks operate on 100% renewable biodiesel fuel.

Clean Environment
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We recycle televisions, motherboards, computer components, CRT monitors, flat panels, speakers, old computer towers, stereos, circuit boards, or anything else electronic.

Electronics Recycling Network     1526 E Washington St    (602) 595-6551
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